Megan & Jeremy

Megan and Jeremy are married! 

Enjoy a glimpse into this wedding day and all the lovely people who made it possible and celebrated these two becoming one!

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Megan has been a most adventurous bride, and I loved throwing wild ideas at her and Megan’s response being “okay, let’s do it”. This Includes a treacherous hike up a mountain in her wedding dress, the girl has no fear! 


The photos proved to be amazing and worth the 90 degree uphill journey in dresses and toting along heavy camera gear!


From that first session, I knew Megan was a “bucket list” bride. Every photographer dreams of meeting couples who love adventure as much as they do, willing to go above and beyond for the prefect shot! Megan was that lady! 

Megan and Jeremy really thought out the details. Megan pulled together so many different flowers to place around the reception room and it was eye-catching all around. 


The color made details pop, like her ring on a single flower (!!!)


When their wedding day arrived it was no surprise that Megan was a happy bride, celebrating with every guest. When it came time for photos of just the two of them before the sun left that day, no words were needed. They were two people in love, who just said “I DO” for their forever. It was all I needed to get their photos. - Bucket list couple!

A new face for me at Megan and Jeremy’s celebration was the unexpected voice and acoustics by Shay Lovette during the outdoor ceremony at Broyhill park. I have already recommended him to my other lovely couples looking for a solo voice to carry the bride down the aisle. His voice complimented their ceremony perfectly. 


The song “swept away” by North Carolina’s very own The Avett Brother’s took on a whole new level of "swooning" when Megan’s DAD sang it for her and Jeremy’s first dance.

A) The man can sing.

B) Dad singing to his daughter at her wedding… Oh my gosh! My eyes flooded and knees buckled! I soaked up their moment as it was truly genuine and magnificent!



Megan told me she wanted unique gifts to give her guests. Snake Mountain Iron Works (check them out- seriously!) hand crafted metal NC state tree ornaments for all their guests to enjoy through the winter holidays this year! Genius gift!

If you have ever tasted the best cake ever at a wedding, I’m sure it was made from scratch by Haylee Olson at Indulge bakery.

I’ll be honest- I’m slightly a cake snob. I am a very picky cake lover. It is not easy to find and taste a cake that is truly GOOD. Haylee on the other hand, I have seen her making yummy wedding goodness and every flavor has surprised my tastebuds! I am not sure of her secret ways, but she is the only cake artist that goes above and beyond for a catchy looking cake that tastes even better than it looks, that I have come in-taste with (wink).


Coyote Kitchen served dinner, in a most tasteful way. Everyone loved their southwestern display of foods. They even had a chips and salsa table, which was so perfect to have with dancing on this summer evening! I even grabbed a photo of Megan and Jeremy on their Blue iconic catering truck. 

Enjoy a few more of the lovely two. It was a perfect day for their wedding. I am so thankful to have had them to work with! 

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Turner!!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Turner!!