Emmalyn is ONE!

Emmalyn is ONE!


What I love about smash cake sessions that I didn't know before, I don’t have to be in a studio!


I have battled for awhile if I should take on studio work so I could take the cute babe photos diving head first into their first cake! I wasn’t sure I was the best fit for studio photography. Deep sigh, until recently… I had an idea! 


I climbed out of my “box of rules” and started looking around. I get so excited when I find a random corner door or overgrown driveway that has beautiful natural light. 

“I want to take pictures here!”  Is something my kids are OVER hearing me say. I am sure the general public AND family can only handle so many, many photos of my own cute babes. 


But you, and your babe - I haven’t photographed yet! I would love to take you along for a one-of-a-kind photo session!


I am now offering One Year Smash Cake sessions, and other sessions that normally are handled inside a studio only we will be outside…somewhere completely new!


No doubles of your vintage & up-cycled location. It will be the first edition styled session just for you!

as long as we can both appreciate being "earthy" in the same way that, a little dirt never hurt anyone, just in case we find a picturesque puddle that leads to mud... and all those adorable puddled up photos! Yes, we will have a lot of fun!

Spots are limited as summer is already here! Let’s talk soon!


All sessions booked between now and 4th of July @ midnight will have no tax on their session! YAY- no one likes taxes anyway!


*If you are a fan of Miss Emmalyn's fancy accessories her mommy picked out for her One Year Cake Smash session, find more customizable accessories not found at your local retail shop here, www.baileysblossoms.com.

Emmalyn's romper, necklace and both bows complimented her session thanks to everyone at Bailey's Blossoms!



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