16 Hands Farm

A couple weeks ago I made my way to West Jefferson, NC to photograph Kayla in her wedding dress at 16 Hands Farm

We had 16 Hands Farm owner, Kelly, there to show off this stunning venue that has been hiding away for the perfect couples! 

“I have to photograph weddings here!” I told Kelly, Kayla, and DeAnna (with Edenouse). There is so much to look at, not a single space that had not been thought about. So many pretty flowers, rustic barns, horses, even a pond, all perfectly laid out to catch your eye. There is so much character here, I could not take it all in during one session. 

DeAnna with Edenhouse was there with flowers and talking about Event Planning. She is so talented with her hands and planning Weddings, it is obvious knowing the details is her thing!

Edenhouse boasted rich flowers in Kayla’s Bridal bouquet which also served as a beautiful backdrop to catch a photo holding Kayla’s wedding ring. 

As a photographer, this is one place I would recommend local brides start looking for a fresh venue to hold your “I do’s”. I would love to join you there in photography paradise!


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Nicole Huffman

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