I am Nicole, I am lead photographer and owner at Nicole Huffman Photography.

I love photographing weddings and I love working with my family. This is why I created a professional environment for both to thrive. 

What can I tell you about me??

- I have a pet bunny! His name is Theodore and he lives  free range as our house trained bun.  

- My favorite color is purple. Why?  Purple ribbons represent Preemie Power and Prematurity Awareness. My youngest was born early and she is my purple power and I am not shy to tell her miraculous story. 

- I say things like "Oh Fer Cute" because I am a Native Minnesotan. My Southern family claims me as their Damn Yankee, whatever; I'm not leaving people! If you want to know more about Minnesotans and my family, look up the Minnesota Long Goodbye. It's a real thing and I love my native people!

- Johny Cash is my favorite kind of music. My kids know who the man in black is and all about the ring of fire, and don't get started with my son and Johnny Yumma! 

- I am a passionate person. I love hard. I get emotional at every wedding and disney movie. I don't consider this a flaw of mine but rather proof that I can open my heart for  anyone and choose to let myself be seen.