I'm Nicole, your photographer!

 I'm a Minnesota native with a southern heart. I have lived in the red dirt hills of North Carolina since I was a young child and have the pleasure of calling North Carolina home.

My heart is in your adventure,in your journey to your wedding vows. I love miraculous stories and heroic adventures of how you became each others forever person. Tell me your story! .

 You should know I love meeting new family! When we work together, you become family. Family is sacred to me, and this is a place where inclusiveness and collaboration are a heartbeat. It is not just my goal to take the best care of you, it is the irreplaceable currency you will find having me as your wedding photographer. There is nothing more valuable than family, and that is what you are! 

I am grateful to be climbing this mountain of a career. I feel blessed with each new couple I work with. You and your partner are the real moments caught, real pieces of time, real people shared. My greatest joy comes from watching couples in shutter stops. Together - Each love tells a story and when working together we can create another great adventure to share with family and friends long after vows are said.

I only take a select number of clients each year to balance being a mom to three and being available to serve the couples who trust their engagement year with me. I am with you from our first meeting, photography timelines, engagement sessions, bridal portraits, wedding day, and ordering sessions. I want to serve each client to my best and leave them excited for the next chapter in life.

If you’re investing in working together, you probably want to know a Few facts about me…

What can I tell you about me??

- I have a pet bunny! His name is Theodore and he lives  free range as a house trained bun.  

- My favorite color is purple. Why?  Purple ribbons represent Preemie Power and Prematurity Awareness. My youngest was born early and she is my purple power and I am not shy to tell her miraculous story. 

- Johny Cash is my favorite kind of music. My kids know who the man in black is and all about the ring of fire, and don't get started with my son and Johnny Yumma! 

- My favorite shows are Friends and Law & Order SVU. This is my editing jam.

- I am a passionate person. I love hard. I get emotional at every wedding and Disney movie. I don't consider this a flaw of mine but rather proof that I can open my heart for anyone and choose to let myself be seen.