Today is March 10th 2015.  

On March 10th 2012, Nora was born at 3:33am at 3 pounds, 3 ounces, and 3 months early.  She is my third child and for me, she is my survivor. This third month of 2015, today, is Nora's 3rd birthday!

Last week, Nora went to a check-up at Brenner's and started her on a medicine to help with weight gain. This child has not stopped eating! She has complained of "tummy hurting" a few times. I asked about it and it seems that this is Nora experiencing being full. Of course she has been full before and satisfied, but being truly too full is something new. It breaks my heart and still makes me happy to know she is eating more. She is chewing great and I cannot wait to see the scale rise in numbers this year. 

Yesterday, Nora graduated from the CDSA. As happy a celebration this has been for us, gosh am I going to miss the CDSA coming out and helping us with our therapists, nutritionist and honestly helping me through motherhood as Nora's mom these past three years. I was even more excited when I was asked to stay in touch by sending pictures and even getting together for a playdate. Hum, yes, I would love that! I have been so thankful to meet these wonderful people through Nora. 

This morning, my girls and I woke up to start our morning with cups of coffee (Roman went to Pre-k). I do not give them coffee all the time, but today is a special occasion. Caffeine played a huge role in Nora's beginning days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. So in honor of caffeine, we toasted with cups of coffee. It felt appropriate. 

This third year of life for Nora is like a golden year in my and Zack's eyes. 3 is her year. It is her lucky number and well, it's ours too! 

The past week and nights leading to today I have been thinking a lot of Nora and her birth day. I remember details and few are stuck with me in scars. I asked Zack if he thought I favored Nora because of my scary pregnancy and her early birth. When Nora's name is said it is a tug on a cord that is just reserved to her. He said she was the only child that left me with a matching scar as a result in her birth.  

This evening,

We celebrated together with family and friends to wish this next year full of blessings. Watching Nora take over her party and blow out her candles before her happy birthday song was over was just perfect. Such an example of her strong character. She leads her own path. 

Kangaroo care is just a little different since we left the NICU. She is bigger now, doesn't snuggle as long and she can actually hop around now. 


You were a fighter from the moment you were created. You beat death more than once and I have never met anyone like you, neither has your dad. I think if your great-grandma Huff were here she would say you remind her of herself. And since she has been gone I think we all feel part of her is back here with us since you came along. 

This song by the Avett brother's is my song for you, Nora! Yes, your name is Eleanor who was born in the spring, the miles I drove daily to see you for 77 days, and because you really showed me how powerful I could love someone. I was a child of innocence until you came along and I as well as the rest of our little nest full of family has never been so proud as we are to follow in your footsteps. (This song should play with this blog post).

With as much fight as you have child, I truly cannot wait to see what a difference you make in this world as you grow. Whatever it may be, do not change! You are the tiniest person I know with the capability of making a whole room of adults look small with just one glare. I love it. Reni, Vedi, Vici, seems to fit you well, "I came,  I saw, I conquered". 

Happy birthday Eleanor Francis Huffman,

Love mom

Love mom

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