A race to "I DO"

As a North Carolina wedding photographer based in the heart of where Nascar was born by bootleggers, and home to old legends who first raced above the wheels. The old North Wilkesboro Speedway sits still towering over highway 421 as a reminder of some of the heritage that came from here, in North Carolina. If you ask, you will find that Nascar is more than just a franchise with sponsors, it has roots within its North Carolinian history. 

It came as no surprise as I was photographing a wedding at the Petty's venue just down the road in Greensboro, that everyone there from staff down to the perfectly smooth brick road, that there was a lot of history walking down that road at the Petty home. Sure, we were all fans gathered at Richard Petty's home, but we were really there to witness the first day D & J made their own start on the track. The biggest race of their lives started this day when they said "I do".

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Topped with pearls & a view she stunned her guests.

The ladies were first in sight as they walked past the old cabin and down the aisle, leading us all to the main woman, veiled & laced, she stole the crowd!

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The victory lap after the couples vows and cheers in celebration, pictures and paparazzi as they all followed us to the reception for more celebrating!

megan king wedding (12 of 70).jpg

The day raced by, literally it felt like it happened so quickly! Luckily, there are many, many great photos of the days events for laps and laps to come! It was a marvelous event, hosted at a eye-catching venue, for the most deserving couple! Best wishes for your future, may all your wins be together! 




This wedding shot alongside photographer, Megan King with Megan Travis Photography.