Never alone

Today is February 19th. So many wonderful lives our family celebrates this day. Happy birthday today!

Today, marks three years an angel. Carpenter was born this day in 2012. He was born a little brother, a first son, a first Godson, he was born the 6th grandchild and the second of John Carpenter Vorys. 

Three years have past and we have had celebratory balloon releases, birthdays with cake, memorial letters, memorial flowers and videos and so many things we still do to celebrate his life as we celebrate his siblings and cousins milestones, his are just a little more special! 

Carpenter is an angel cousin, but he is still so active through his family. Would you have guessed so many stories from his cousin Roman  playing catch with Carpenter? Only for Roman to say Carpenter throws the ball to high, or he will help him win the baseball game? One of my favorites was finding "carpenter" style jeans and Roman thinking they came from his cousin. 

 It's hard to think that Caroline has had a steady pen pal for three years now. A box of letters to her cousin sit tucked away for safe keeping. She writes things she dreams up for him, letters of how things are at home on a Wednesday night, or that she knows it's Carpenter protecting her from bad dreams. She has a pillow she keeps on her bed that is called the "Carpenter pillow", so she can hug him every night.

Nora has not forgotten, she often asks about the little baby boy in the angel frame next to mommy and daddy's bed. She names all our family at nap and when we wake up and she knows "Carpenter, my cousin" and "I love my cousin".  

Carpenter is never alone in our house, he is a daily mention, and on some days we get to share stories, some nights we dream of when we can play together and so many things now remind us of him. Carpenter you're never alone. We may not hold him in our arms or be able to kiss his little head but there are days his memory feels so close to us with memories the kids create through playing and telling new stories that include him are more than I could have thought three years ago today. 

Happy birthday in heaven to my nephew, 

Love you Carpenter