I'm Nicole, your photographer!

 I'm a Minnesota native with a southern heart. I have lived in the red dirt hills of North Carolina since I was a young child and have the pleasure of calling good ole' Wilkes County, home.

My heart is in your adventure,in your journey to the "I DO's".

Yes, I LOVE traveling for couples and their weddings!  No island too far, nor mountain too high! Europe, New Zealand, Minnesota, Tennessee, Alaska, North Carolina, you get the idea?

I WANT to go where you are, YOU'RE my next adventure! 

 You should know I love meeting new family! When we work together, you become family. Family is sacred to me, and this is a place where inclusiveness and collaboration are a heartbeat. It is not just my goal to take the best care of you, it is the irreplaceable currency you will find having me as your wedding photographer. There is nothing more valuable than family, and that is what you are! 

I am grateful to be climbing this mountain, called "work". I am blessed to have great couples who share their joy in front of my lens. These are real moments caught, real pieces of time, real people shared. My greatest joy comes from watching you in shutter stops. Together - they tell a story and together we can create another great adventure to share with family and friends long after your vows have you wed.

I will share with you pieces from my heart and other unforgettable couples in my gallery and on my white noise blog ~ 

Let's connect soon!

Your photographer,



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