Roman turned 5 today, and boy is he my messy little monster! He is my only son and he knows he has my heart! Those dark pools we call eyes, they are deep and mysterious, you don't know their true depth until he does something amazing. His mind amazes me, it is mechanical and far too advanced for such a small human. Rather than race to catch up, I just watch and be mystified.

He loves his sisters when he is not pestering them for pestering him. He loves all things wild and uncommon. He is a mixture of genius and evil if you realize his ultimate plan.

He can decide he wants to do something and do it. One day he had us remove his training wheels after much convincing. He hoped on and took off down the driveway. He figured it out in his head he told us.

In the famous words from Zach Galifianakis to our Roman, " Roman, you have a strong name, I hope you live up to such a strong name". Thank you Zach, for calling it like he is! I feel that will be an everlasting strength of mine, being Roman's mom.