What took me and my husband half-way across the earth to the Island home of Kiwi's? A Kiwi wedding of course! New Zealand was beyond our dreams! This is the cleanest, most environmentally friendly place in the world! Volcanoes, black ashe coastland, white sandy coast, blue waters, no predators! Sign me up, I'll move here! I will never forget this treasure chest of a place!

 I Love History, and so "yes" to visit the place where you can learn about the land with the most! 

Photography also brought me to Italy. I stayed in Rome and visited Assisi. I was so close I nearly touched Pope Francis and fell in love with the Italian language. Rome had this romantic light, a yellow glow.

The buildings are built on top of each other, layer by layer - just like lasagna! I visited a church which stood on top of two older churches. When we visited the basement you could see the tops of the other churches windows and this was how Rome was built.