I am Nicole, I am lead photographer and owner at Nicole Huffman Photography.

I love photographing weddings and I love working with my family. This is why I created a professional environment for both to thrive. 

Photography has followed me since my high school careered through college. My grandparents handed down my first camera that I used to follow my creative passion. I have always loved the stories though details in photographs. 

 I worked with my in-laws, sister-in-law, and my  husband with Event Planning, catering weddings, and wedding florals from high-school to 2015.  I feel this is when and where my two loves combined along the way. 

My passion is working with couples on their wedding day. To tell a couples beginning by capturing the story telling details, the people who came to support their first step together and the legacy their love has started on their wedding day, yeah, this is what I love. 




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My main support at or away from home is my husband, Zack.

He is always there when I need him, grabbing different angles, changing out gear, even helping me find a ladder or way to get the shot we really want on wedding days. This is where Zack excels, the crazy angles! I am so grateful to have him support my passion, but as a team opened his own growth in photography.


Meet Tina, She's a new face with Nicole Huffman Photography this wedding season!

Tina is a lead photographer with NHP. Her clients are significant to her, and offering a select number of weddings per year allows her clients to have the best quality photographer when working together.

Her talent is real, it is telling, and artistic. When Tina is not lead shooting for Nicole, she is working with newborns and little ones in her own photography business. Please visit her work! FourSparrowsPhotography.com

If you book a wedding with Tina through NHP, she offers 10% off a future newborn session. 


With a background in Event Planning, and our second photographer, Annie helps keep our team on schedule and allows the bride and Groom the most structure in their day of events by making the most time for all those framable moments!