1 Let's Talk!

Upon receiving your inquiry, we will set a time to chat over the phone. I will collect a few key details on our 10-15 minute call. Here we will discuss your vision, your wedding party, THE dress, everything your willing to share! We can set up an in-person meeting to go over the options that best suit your wedding day.

2 Coffee?

When we meet in person, I will bring along a few tangibles so that you, your fiancé, or any lovely family member or friend you brought along can pass around prints and look through albums. Feel free to ask questions, I will have your answer!

 We Will review your timeline draft that we put together based on our phone conversation. While together we will also go over the wedding agreement and pricing. 

We will set a date to check-in and if you're ready to make your reservation.

3 Let's Book!

Yay! Thank you for choosing Nicole Huffman Photography!

With all our excitement settling in, making your reservation will make us official! 

Upon your approval I will send over your payment information. After you're payment is confirmed it is time to set your Engagement session! 


336.981.4177      nicolehuffman3@gmail.com