Feel Inspired with Brooke & Isaac

Have you been out to The Homestead at Mill Creek? It is a lovely wedding venue in Walkertown, NC.

This was my first time out as one of several great photographers in the local area.

There is an amazing group of local businesses in our area, we gather once a month to collaborate and build each other up. Doesn't that sound fun? I love it!

This past month was a great opportunity for a styled Engagement session to take place for inspiration for other Engaged couples like yourself! Let everyone know what you think, I am linking all the vendors who collaborated so I could take beautiful photos!

Meet Brooke & Isaac who are Engaged and enjoy their lovely styled session just for them and to offer a soft look of inspiration for your upcoming wedding while showcasing people you want to know about in the area for your upcoming wedding or event!


Notice the dress, it is a blush pink and flatters Brooke's skin tone. The dress was designed by Jill Stuart

If you are loving this bouquet like me, Dahlias floral design pieced together this magnificent bundle of soft color and greenery.

Face Forward perfected Brooke's hair and make-up. I personally loved the side braid.

Nu Expression was the artist behind the stationary. I just love it!

I hope you enjoyed the colors, the couple and the photos!

If you are looking for a photographer, connect with me here on www.NicoleHuffmanPhotography.com, or call me 336.981.4177 I would love to hear what inspired you for our next styled photo session!


Your photographer,

Nicole Huffman

Megan & Jeremy

Megan and Jeremy are married! 

Enjoy a glimpse into this wedding day and all the lovely people who made it possible and celebrated these two becoming one!

* Be sure to click on photos to enlarge their size or be able to view all the mini galleries below. 

Megan has been a most adventurous bride, and I loved throwing wild ideas at her and Megan’s response being “okay, let’s do it”. This Includes a treacherous hike up a mountain in her wedding dress, the girl has no fear! 


The photos proved to be amazing and worth the 90 degree uphill journey in dresses and toting along heavy camera gear!


From that first session, I knew Megan was a “bucket list” bride. Every photographer dreams of meeting couples who love adventure as much as they do, willing to go above and beyond for the prefect shot! Megan was that lady! 

Megan and Jeremy really thought out the details. Megan pulled together so many different flowers to place around the reception room and it was eye-catching all around. 


The color made details pop, like her ring on a single flower (!!!)


When their wedding day arrived it was no surprise that Megan was a happy bride, celebrating with every guest. When it came time for photos of just the two of them before the sun left that day, no words were needed. They were two people in love, who just said “I DO” for their forever. It was all I needed to get their photos. - Bucket list couple!

A new face for me at Megan and Jeremy’s celebration was the unexpected voice and acoustics by Shay Lovette during the outdoor ceremony at Broyhill park. I have already recommended him to my other lovely couples looking for a solo voice to carry the bride down the aisle. His voice complimented their ceremony perfectly. 


The song “swept away” by North Carolina’s very own The Avett Brother’s took on a whole new level of "swooning" when Megan’s DAD sang it for her and Jeremy’s first dance.

A) The man can sing.

B) Dad singing to his daughter at her wedding… Oh my gosh! My eyes flooded and knees buckled! I soaked up their moment as it was truly genuine and magnificent!



Megan told me she wanted unique gifts to give her guests. Snake Mountain Iron Works (check them out- seriously!) hand crafted metal NC state tree ornaments for all their guests to enjoy through the winter holidays this year! Genius gift!

If you have ever tasted the best cake ever at a wedding, I’m sure it was made from scratch by Haylee Olson at Indulge bakery.

I’ll be honest- I’m slightly a cake snob. I am a very picky cake lover. It is not easy to find and taste a cake that is truly GOOD. Haylee on the other hand, I have seen her making yummy wedding goodness and every flavor has surprised my tastebuds! I am not sure of her secret ways, but she is the only cake artist that goes above and beyond for a catchy looking cake that tastes even better than it looks, that I have come in-taste with (wink).


Coyote Kitchen served dinner, in a most tasteful way. Everyone loved their southwestern display of foods. They even had a chips and salsa table, which was so perfect to have with dancing on this summer evening! I even grabbed a photo of Megan and Jeremy on their Blue iconic catering truck. 

Enjoy a few more of the lovely two. It was a perfect day for their wedding. I am so thankful to have had them to work with! 

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Turner!!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Turner!!

Emmalyn is ONE!

Emmalyn is ONE!


What I love about smash cake sessions that I didn't know before, I don’t have to be in a studio!


I have battled for awhile if I should take on studio work so I could take the cute babe photos diving head first into their first cake! I wasn’t sure I was the best fit for studio photography. Deep sigh, until recently… I had an idea! 


I climbed out of my “box of rules” and started looking around. I get so excited when I find a random corner door or overgrown driveway that has beautiful natural light. 

“I want to take pictures here!”  Is something my kids are OVER hearing me say. I am sure the general public AND family can only handle so many, many photos of my own cute babes. 


But you, and your babe - I haven’t photographed yet! I would love to take you along for a one-of-a-kind photo session!


I am now offering One Year Smash Cake sessions, and other sessions that normally are handled inside a studio only we will be outside…somewhere completely new!


No doubles of your vintage & up-cycled location. It will be the first edition styled session just for you!

as long as we can both appreciate being "earthy" in the same way that, a little dirt never hurt anyone, just in case we find a picturesque puddle that leads to mud... and all those adorable puddled up photos! Yes, we will have a lot of fun!

Spots are limited as summer is already here! Let’s talk soon!


All sessions booked between now and 4th of July @ midnight will have no tax on their session! YAY- no one likes taxes anyway!


*If you are a fan of Miss Emmalyn's fancy accessories her mommy picked out for her One Year Cake Smash session, find more customizable accessories not found at your local retail shop here, www.baileysblossoms.com.

Emmalyn's romper, necklace and both bows complimented her session thanks to everyone at Bailey's Blossoms!



Your photographer

16 Hands Farm

A couple weeks ago I made my way to West Jefferson, NC to photograph Kayla in her wedding dress at 16 Hands Farm

We had 16 Hands Farm owner, Kelly, there to show off this stunning venue that has been hiding away for the perfect couples! 

“I have to photograph weddings here!” I told Kelly, Kayla, and DeAnna (with Edenouse). There is so much to look at, not a single space that had not been thought about. So many pretty flowers, rustic barns, horses, even a pond, all perfectly laid out to catch your eye. There is so much character here, I could not take it all in during one session. 

DeAnna with Edenhouse was there with flowers and talking about Event Planning. She is so talented with her hands and planning Weddings, it is obvious knowing the details is her thing!

Edenhouse boasted rich flowers in Kayla’s Bridal bouquet which also served as a beautiful backdrop to catch a photo holding Kayla’s wedding ring. 

As a photographer, this is one place I would recommend local brides start looking for a fresh venue to hold your “I do’s”. I would love to join you there in photography paradise!


If you are looking to book Wedding Photography and packages, please connect with me here, under the “connect” tab, and if you book before July 4th, 2016 - There will be NO TAX on your wedding booking! 

This is an Independence Day Celebration for all my photography clients! Let’s start talking about your wedding! 


*Booking 2016/2017 wedding dates




Nicole Huffman

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Our House

Our House

Our house was built with so much love.


Our love comes from Ohio, Good Ol’ Wilkes County, NC, Greensboro, Asheville, Michigan, even a place called New Prague, MN.


Our house has character, and memories too.


Memories with backyard fires that carry the smell of foil packs and smore’s all the way upstairs and rest on pillow cases long after the laughter and coals are out. The kind of fire that never really goes out.


Even in winter the fire is hot.  We heat with wood and we keep it stocked. Warm feet and cozy seats leave us singing from our "top 100 list of best songs ever”. We bake to teach our children a sense of our heritage, and because I want chocolate pie!


The love in our house is in everything.


We have loved through graduations, marriages, newborns, loss, angels, football (Steelers and the Browns), baseball, family trips, family memories, family games, choosing family names for the babies. We have loved through so much, it wouldn’t matter what could come. It’s known we would all be there in our house, together. No matter the storm, no matter what weather. 


Our house is sisters and brothers, fathers and mothers, cousins, sons and daughters. We are one but we are not the same. We get to carry each other. We get to love one another, in our house.


There is so much about our house.


There are floors that creak, doors that pull teeth and a hole in the floor that all the kids from each generation love. 

Because even when kids should be asleep, below is a baby grand piano that plays until they dream.


There is an old blueish-green stool that’s survived at least 4 generations and boasts worn memories of helping people up in our house. 


Friends become family when they walk through the red side door.


They are always invited to stay for dinner and if they can’t, they’re told to please come back and “We’ll cook something together”. 


There is always fresh baking, good home cooking, and every weekend at least a dozen or so of us sitting around the table for breakfast, for dinner, for game night, or someone’s yearly day of celebration.


Our house is strong. Strong with belief. Belief in our religion, belief that you can always do better if you try. Be good, be good, be good. Try your hardest, always give your best. Our house, I believe, is the best.


Now our house is 9 grandkids strong. To think back to where we started, it was with Number One, Caroline. Assigned a number by birth order, you're more likely to be called your number than your name. It’s easier that way!


The kids in our house are the reason we stay. We stay to be a strong house. We come home on weekends because we believe family should pray together on Sundays. We parent together because we are united. We play together because cousins will always be your best friends. And you can count on family forever.


Our house was built with so much love.


Yes, that’s our house. 


I love this house.



I am sure you have a house like ours, or you have been to ours or one like ours. If not, you're invited to dinner and we’ll cook something together! I hope this warms your heart with thoughts of your own family home and memories this Father’s Day weekend. 



Nicole and the rest of our house